Olayinka Amudipe

Olayinka Amudipe is one of our passionate and powerful teachers from Bridge, Femi Omomowo in Igando, Lagos State, south-west Nigeria

Olayinka has been a Bridge Nigeria teacher for two years now and loves what she does, saying: “I wake up and I’m so enthusiastic about going to work.” In her community there is a significant problem with illiteracy because many children don’t go to school. Those who do make it into school often find its expensive to be there or that their teacher is missing from the classroom. For teachers who are proud of their profession and want to watch their pupils thrive this is a disheartening combination.

Olayinka says that she saw Bridge was different, telling us: “My motivation for joining was that I saw Bridge teachers were always teaching and the children were always learning. They always looked so smart and motivated at the school gate. I wanted to be part of it.”

Olayinka enjoys using her teacher guide, she believes it’s made her job much easier. She says: “I don’t need to worry about planning lessons or preparing material, it’s all done for me. I can focus on teaching and helping individual students.” She adds: “I love working in a team, it makes me feel supported and powerful.”

She is so proud of the teaching at Bridge, and the achievements of the pupils that she tells everyone to join! “My children, siblings, relatives, friends and family have all gone to other schools, even expensive private schools, but none of the standards at these schools can be compared to those of Bridge!” she says.

Olayinka loves seeing her pupils learn, she says: “Being a Bridge teacher was the best choice I ever made. I feel happy when I’m at the front of my class. Seeing them improve gladdens my heart so much.”